Listen up, all you brave drivers! The Great Dragon is ready to swallow up anyone who doesn’t pass his acrobatic speed trial! Will you end up between his jaws or will you be able to dodge him and go on to win? It’s all down to you! Pull the launcher with just the right strength so that Tiki Twist (exclusive T-Racer, only found here!) dodges the powerful Dragon, does the full loop, and wins the cup! If you don’t calculate your strength correctly….. the Dragon will trap you in its terrifying jaws! And even if you manage to dodge it, be careful … It also has its own ways of chasing intruders. It turns into a vehicle with wheels and opens its jaws to eat you! Will you manage to get away? Show it that you’re the best and bravest T-Racer with the Dragon Loop!


  • 1 dragon
  • 1 looping
  • 1 trophy
  • 1 exclusive T-Racer (racer + vehicle)